Christmas Game For Families

Christmas Game For Families

Christmas is just around the corner and people have already started planning for a Christmas party with friends and family. Today I am sharing a Christmas game for families especially for daddy and his little princess. Christmas is all about having fun with friends, relatives and family. A Christmas party without some interesting party games can be dull and boring, especially for the kids. This is a fun family game to be played in Christmas parties.

Christmas Game For FamiliesChristmas Game For Families


You will need a few rolls of paper ribbons and many Christmas ornaments. This game is especially to be played with a daddy and the kid. Give them the paper ribbon and the other ornaments, you can also keep all the ornaments on a table and let everyone use them. The very commonly used ornaments include Christmas bells, gift boxes, stars, balls, bows, beads, garlands etc.

Call the daddy and the kid to the playing area and give them the artifacts. Their challenge is to make a Christmas Tree with these items. The daddy will stand as a tree and the child has to decorate the tree with the green paper ribbon and other ornaments. This is however a one-minute party game but it won’t be easy for a kid to complete the challenge in a minute so let’s make it a 2 minute or 5 mins challenge.

The family who comes out with the best decorated Christmas tree will be the winner of this game indeed. However, I would suggest you to keep one gift for all the participating families because kids love to win prizes and get gifts. It is fun to see how daddies stands like a tree and how the kids do efforts to make their daddy look a wonderfully decorated tree. Do let me know via comments if you have any doubts in this Christmas game for families.


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