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September 19, 2019

Kids Christmas Game: Snowman Race

Kids Christmas Games

I saw this Kids Christmas Game somewhere on Pinterest, some user-uploaded it and I couldn’t resist sharing it here on my website. The challenge is to make a snowman using a toilet paper. This could be a fun Christmas game for adults too.

Kids Christmas Game

Kids Christmas Games


To play this game in your Christmas party, you may need  rolls of toilet paper, felt material cut into circles, a scarf, and hat/beanie etc. Keep the items in good numbers so that you can call 3-4 kids at a time to play the game.

This is a pair game and you first have ti divide kids into pairs to play this game. For adults we can keep it as a one-minute party game but kids won’t really be able to complete the challenge in a minute, so you can keep the time according to the age group of kids you have in your family Christmas party.

Call the kids in pairs to the playing area and hand over the items used to make the snowman, like the tissue paper roll, the black cut circles, and other decorative items. Adjust your stopwatch, explain the game to kids and blow the whistle. The team which makes the snowman first will be the winner of this game.

Do let me know whether you liked this Kids Christmas Game idea or not. Also feel free to share your ideas on Christmas party games for kids and adults.

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