Christmas Gravity: Fun Christmas Game For Men


I am categorizing it as a Fun Christmas game for men, but you can also play it with women and kids very well, and in fact, kids will easily complete the task as compared to the adults. We played this game in our couple party based on Christmas theme and I must say all the ladies enjoyed watching the men completing this task, especially the fatsos.

Fun Christmas Game For Men

fun christmas game for men


In this challenge, the men in the party were asked to pick the gift bags kept on the floor and arrange them line wise on a table kept at a certain distance. This is a minute to win it challenge and thus, the men will get only a minute to complete the challenge.

You will need many different sized gift bags for this game and nothing else. Arrange the bags on the floor randomly and call all the men in the party to play the game one by one. Adjust your stopwatch to one minute and start the game. As the game starts the men playing has to pick the bags from the floor using his teeth and arrange them on the table kept nearby. Remember to tell them that they are not allowed to use their hands to pick the bags. It’s a real fun to watch the fat men bending down to pick the bags from their teeth. The men who transfers the maximum number of bags in one minute will be the winner of this fun Christmas game for men.

You can also play this game in your ladies kitty party or hen’s party as it would be even more difficult for women to bend down and pick the bags from the floor. Do let me know if you liked this Fun Christmas Game for men or not, also feel free to share your games and ideas here on my blog.



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