Christmas Cliffhanger: Christmas Party Game


Christmas Cliffhanger is a very popular Christmas party game to be played with family and friends . However, it is easier said than done, that means it seems to be a very simple game but it is not that simple to play. Just like most of my games, you can call a single player to play the game or you can call 3-4 members at a time to play.

Things required

You need a few Christmas cards for this game and a table.

Christmas Party Game with Christmas Cards

Christmas party game


How To Play

Keep 3-4 tables and the Christmas cards to the playing area before you start the game. Call the members to the playing area and explain them the game. This is a minute to win it game and the challenge is to blow the Christmas card in such a way that it hangs to the corner of the table. As the image above shows, the player will stand by the side of the table and blow the card in such a way that the card to make them turn over the edge without falling. You will keep 6 cards on the table and the player manages to hold maximum cards on the edge of the table is the winner of the game.

If you have too many guests in your Christmas party, divide them into teams before you play any Christmas party games, because it won’t really be possible for you to manage the individual games in a big group. After dividing the teams, you can call one player from each team to complete the challenge of Christmas Cliffhanger.

Along with singing, dancing and having delecious food items, playing some interesting and funny Christmas party games can certainly increase the fun in your party. Do add this funny Christmas party game in your list and have fun with friends and family.



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