Search The Paper Clips :Fun Couples Game For Christmas Party


If you are looking for some funny Christmas Party Games couples, this post will suit best to your need. This is one of the most interesting and funny Christmas party games couples. You can arrange this funny party game in your couple kitty parties. It is a kind of naughty game and will definitely create a good fun in your kitty party.

Christmas Party Games Couples

Christmas party games couples

To play this funny game in your Christmas party with couples, you have to call the couples one by one. Blindfold the wife and hide some paper clips in husband’s clothes. Then Wife will get one minute to find the hidden paper clips in husband’s clothes. Remember that the wife will be blindfolded while searching for the clips. You can call all the couples all together also, but that would be a bit more difficult to judge and monitor. So it is better to call the couples one by one and let other enjoy their romantic search . The wife who finds the maximum number of paper clips from her husband’s clothes will be declared the winner of the game.


The game brings a huge quotient of laughter and fun when the wife checked her husband’s body to search for the paper clips. The rule is that the husband cannot help the wife to locate the pins. If you think the players can cheat, you can blindfold the husband too. Do try playing this couple party game in your Christmas party this year and let me know how your friends and guests liked it.

I hope I am clear with the game here above. If you have any doubts you can leave a comment below in the comment box. I will try my best to solve your queries. Also feel free to share your ideas and Christmas party games here over my website. You can share your ideas via comments below.



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