Funny Christmas Party Games for the Office


Whether you are having a Christmas party with friends and family or an office party with colleagues, you always need some good Christmas party games to have fun. Here are two Christmas party games for the office that will add some fun to your celebration.

Christmas party games for the office

Egg Roll- You will need a good space to play this game with your co-workers. The name tells all. The goal of this game is to roll the egg using a fan and the fan here will be the pizza box. Call one player at a time to play this game. In the playing area, draw a starting line and a finish line. The challenge is to take the egg from start lie to the finish line by fanning. Usually, this game is played with a raw egg but you can also use a boiled egg, which is otherwise heavier to move with a fan. It is always better to divide the colleagues into teams as it saves time and increased fun.

Christmas party games for the office

Wrap the Snowman- Call two members from each team to play this game. The challenge is to wrap the teammate as a Snowman using the toilet paper. The player also has to decorate the other person as perfect Snowman with eyes and a nose. This is one of the funniest Christmas party games for the office.

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Tie and win- For this game again you have to call two members from a team. The Challenge is to tie the partner’s tie using only one hand. This is a minute to win it challenge and the player will get only a minute to tie the tie. Use Christmas tie to make the game more theme relevant.

Gift Hot Potato– This is not a team game and you can play it will all colleagues at one go. Basically, this is the same old hot potato game with a little twist. Make all the workers sit in a circle and start with a gift. Play the music and start passing the gift. When the music stops, the person holding the gift will be out with that gift. Start with a new gift.

Try these Christmas party games for the office in your Office Christmas party this year and do let me know how your co-workers liked them.



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