Fun Activities and Party Games For Kids

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Party games for kids are a great way to help shy children feel more comfortable and involved in the party and particularly for children who may not know much of the guests in the party. If you are planning for some party games for kids, the main thing to keep in mind is that the games should be age appropriate. Below are a few party game ideas for kids which you can use in any party with kids as guests. 

Party Games For Kid

Such the mini marshmallows

party games for kids

This is a simple yet interesting game for kids where they have to put the pile of mini marshmallows into the cup using a straw. This might be a simple game for adults but is pretty hard for the kids of age 5-8 years. The kid putting all the marshmallows in the cup first will be the winner. I got this wonderful idea from the Third Grade Thinkers and will surely try in next kids party at my place.

Scoop The Snowballs

party games for kids

This is a fun game to be played in any party with kids. Call the children one by one and blindfold them. Their challenge is to collect the cotton balls in a bowl using a scoop or a spoon. This is one of the funniest party games for kids.

Pass the Balloonparty games for kids 1

Divide the players into 2 teams and ask them to make a line to play this game. First player from a team will hold a balloon under his/her chin and pass it to the next player in the team. No hands are allowed and the team who first pass the balloon to end will be the winner.

Leggy Balloon

party games for kids 2

The game is pretty similar to the game above, but the kids have to pass the balloon using their legs. The team finishing the challenge first will be the winner of this game. This is one of the most interesting party games for kids.

Cross Ballgames for kids

This is an entertaining game to play with kids in any kind of party. You just need a football or a basket ball for this game. Make all kids stand in a circle with their legs wide open. Make sure that all their legs are touched. Now give a basketball to one of the kids and he/she will try to pass the ball across the legs of any kid in the circle. If the ball is crossed from the legs, that kid is out otherwise he will then try passing the ball across other kid’s legs.

These were a few ideas of party games for kids. If you are throwing your kid’s birthday party and all your guests are young kids of age 5-8 years, these party games ideas might help you. Please hit the like button if you liked my ideas and also feel free to share your own ideas over here.




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