STRIKE THE WORD- Fun New Year Eve Party Game


Funny New Year Party Games can make your party a great hit. Today I am sharing a fun New Year Eve Party Game. This is an extremely fun party game and a perfect game for New Year party. This game starts with two members in the party and then proceeds. Host takes two of the members in the party outside the party hall and gives then a word. Make sure that the word is tough enough to guess.

Funny New Year Party Games With Big Groups

funny year party games

Now the two members will walk in the hall and will start discussing about that word without telling that particular word. As someone in the party guesses the word, they will come and tell the guessed answer to the two members talking.

If the answer is correct the person will then join the discussion. Likewise, people will keep on joining the discussions. This game can end in two ways. You can give a BAKRA hat to the last person who fails to guess to word or you can continue the game till everyone in the party guesses the word.

If played in a systematic way this New Year party game comes out with a great fun and entertainment.


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