Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas

interesting game for Christmas party

Have you ever played Christmas Gift Exchange in your Christmas parties? If no, you are seriously missing something very interesting. This is the best suitable Christmas game for large groups. Instead of each person having to buy for everyone in the group, now each person just have to buy a gift for one other person. Check out some of my favorite Christmas Gift Exchange ideas-

Interesting Christmas Gift Exchange Ideaschristmas gift exchange ideas

  1. Just keep a marker with you and name the gifts as they arrive in the party. Also give numbers to the guests in your party. Give a small piece of paper to every guest as they arrive and get them write a fact about themselves and keep them all in a bowl. Also keep the number slips in a separate bowl with all numbers written on the gifts. When all the expected guests are arrived in the party, the host will take one slip from the bowl and read it allowed. The one who guesses who is it will first get the chance to pick a gift. He/she will pick a number from the bowl and will get the corresponding gift.
  2. Grab Bag – In this gift exchange idea, every guest brings an unusually shaped gift and keep it in the gift bag secretly, so that no one can see what gifts are coming. Now the host will take the gift bag to every guest one by one and he/she has to pu their hand in, feel it and grab it.
  3. Live Auction- This is one of my favorite Christmas gift exchange ideas. Live auction creates a huge fun and keeps all the guests entertained for a long time. For live auction, keep all the gifts on a big table so that everyone can see them. Give 100 points (tokens) to each guest and start the auction. The guests have to place a bid for every gift and the one who bids highest points will take the gift. Once your points are finished you can’t bid on the gifts anymore.



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