Children’s Day Celebration Ideas: Games For Kids


Children’s Day is soon approaching and all the playgroups and societies must be looking for the ideas to celebrate this big day with their kids. Today in this post, I will share some Childrens Day Celebration Ideas that I have in my mind.

Childrens Day Celebration Ideaschildrens day celebration ideas

To begin with, this is a big day for children and the best thing is to let them do what they want to. Do not make them follow any rules on this day, let them be what they want to. Even if they want to play in the mud, write on walls, get dirty or whatever. Trust me this will be the best way to celebrate this day with them. We, the parents today want to keep our kids in so much discipline that somewhere they are losing their childhood, and this is the day when we can let them enjoy it. Anyways let’s now talk about the celebration ideas.

Menu for Children’s Day Celebration

Do keep some good and lip-smacking dishes for kids to make them happy. Kids love eating, so make sure you keep the menu items according to them. In my opinion, kids love having fast food, popcorns, chips, cakes, and pastries, nuts, chocolates etc. and they love drinking the cold-drinks which we usually not let them have. So your menu items should be according to their taste and choice.

Children’s Day Games Ideas

So here we are talking about the small kids which are in playgroups or, let me say the kids of 4-8 years of age. So the games below are for this age group and might not suit the bigger children.

Chota Hathi Bada Hathi

I have made many kids play this game and trust me they love playing it every time. Make all kids stand in a row or a circle, whatever suits you. Now stand inside the circle or stand in front of the row and start yelling..Chota Hathi Bada Hathi in random order and the kids have to make the hand gesture opposite to what you say. For example,when you say Chota Hathi, they will make the hand gesture or Big with their hand wide open and when you say Bada Hathi, they will make a gesture of Small with their hand slightly open as shown in the image below-

childrens day games

 Hit the sixer

This is one of the most interesting games when it comes to kids. Make them sit in a circle and give them a paper each. Now take one dice and start with any kid. There will be only one pencil in the game and the kid who gets SIXER in the dice will get the pencil to write the counting from 1-100. As soon as some other kid gets sixer on dice he will snatch the pencil and start writing. The child who finishes the counting till 100 first will be the winner.

Bucket Toss Game

Keep some buckets in a line and give them some marks each. Give 5 balls to each child in the party and their challenge is to throw the ball directly into the buckets. You will count the marks in the end.

Tissue Flung-

Kids love creating a mess and this is the game to do the same. Give a tissue box filled with tissue to each kid. It is not a minute to win it game, and the challenge is to empty the tissue box in one minute. The one who does will be the winner.

Dog and the bone

To play the game and divide kids into pairs and give one Pepsi with each pair. Like we do in the dog and the bone game, the Pepsi can be kept on the floor in the center and both the players were standing.

The host had a mic in her hand and she started shouting, Nose, Bums, Shoulders, Knees etc. and kids have to touch the called out body parts. The host then called up Pepsi in between and the player who takes away the Pepsi first won the game. There were three rounds played with the Pepsi can and the one who won two rounds took the Pepsi can.





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