Diwali Theme Tambola Games


Tambola Games Diwali Theme . Tambola is one of the most commonly played games in Indian kitty parties. The best part about the tambola games is that it suits best to every age group. After getting so many messages from my readers worldwide, I am here with a special diwali theme tambola tickets.

Apart from the crackers, sweets, prayers Gambling is also well associated with Diwali. So here I am with my gambling theme tambola which suits best to the diwali theme kitty party. Check out the image below to know more of this game.

Tambola Games Diwali Theme

Tambola Games Diwali Theme

To play this special Tambola Games Diwali Theme you need a pack of cards instead of tambola numbers. Distribute the  tickets to the kitty members and start calling out the cards from the pack. Players will cut the cards as they cut the numbers in a tambola ticket. The dividends in this diwali theme tambola ticket are Spade, Club, Diamond and Heart.

These Diwali theme tambola tickets are specially printed and are available in various packs. No two tickets are same in any pack and so you can play this special Tambola Games Diwali Theme even with larger group of people. In fact it is the best diwlai tamola game for the bigger groups where it is very hard to manage the playing games or one minute party games. This specially designed Tambola Games Diwali Theme will keep your guests entertained for long time and you can manage it easily.

The tickets are available for sale. Do leave a comment if you want these tambola tickets. Tickets are available in 25 pc, 50 pc and 100 pc. Do leave a comment below in the comment box if you want to place an order for these Tambola Games Diwali Theme. Also feel free to share if you have some more ideas for Tambola Games Diwali Theme.


  1. Hi
    I would like to buy 25 Diwali tambola tickets. Please let me know how much it will cost to deliver in Pune.


  2. hi shivangi,
    its a interesting tambola game with playing cards.i want one pac of 50pc.pls tell me the price nd when i will get this

  3. Hey! I stay in Chennai.. I would like to have these Diwali Tambola cards. I need around 50pc tickets.. how much will they cost??


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