Get Naughty At Your Bridal Shower With the Game of Cucumber Exchange


Crazy Bridal Shower Games . This is one of the dirtiest bridal shower games I have ever came across or I can also call it as a naughtiest bridal shower game if not dirty. To play this game in your bridal shower you need to divide your guests into pairs.

As the name suggests the pair has to exchange the cucumber maximum in this game. They will get one minute time for exchanging the cucumber and the funny and naughty twist in the game is that they have to hold the cucumber between their knees. Yes, you read it correct.

Crazy Bridal Shower Gamescrazy bridal shower games

Fun with games at bridal shower party

crazy bridal shower games

This is where the funny and naughty element of the bridal shower game lies. They have to exchange this cucumber maximum times in one minute without using their hands. If the cucumber falls they will be out of the game and next pair will come to play. The pair scoring the maximum number of exchange in one minute will be declared as the winner of this bridal shower game.

Bridal Shower is all about fun, both for the would be bride and the guests. The funny and crazy bridal shower games are always the best things to make the bridal shower party more of fun and laughter. Try playing this game of cucumber exchange in your bridal shower or in your friend’s bridal shower party and trust me your guests will burst out of laughter.

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