Crazy Baby Shower Games : Play with Cotton Balls


Crazy Baby Shower Games . The picture below is making it all clear though , but let me explain you the game a bit. This is a simple and interesting baby shower game to be played with cotton balls. You might need several cotton balls for this game and a big bowl with a big spoon.

Baby shower parties cannot be complete with the interesting and fun making crazy baby shower games and this game can be one in  your list for sure. You do not need to do any preparations for this party game and just collects these three items – cotton balls, bowl and a serving spoon.

Crazy Baby Shower Games crazy baby shower games

Now call the guests one by one to play this game. However, you can call 4-5 member at a time also but for that you have to arrange the items for 5 persons as 5 bowls and 5 spoons. Well that sounds even more interesting. So lets take it that way. Scatter many of cotton balls on the floor and call 5 guests at a time. Give them all a bowl and a spoon and then make them blindfold.

When the time starts the guests will start filling the cotton balls in the bowl with spoon. As cotton balls are weightless, they will not know if they are carrying the balls in the spoon or not and this is where the fun lies. Have you every tried picking the cotton balls in a spoon? If yes then you might know that it wont really be easy for the player to know that the how many cotton balls a spoon have.

After the time laps (you can set it as a one minute game), check the bowls and the guest having maximum number of cotton balls in the bowl will win this crazy baby shower games.


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