Funny Bachelorette Party Game : Burst the Balloons


Funny Bachelorette Party Game . We just played this game in a bridal shower party today and I must say that it was an ultimate fun to play this baby shower game. This is a couple game and if you have divided the guests in teams, call two members from each team to play this game.

Funny Bachelorette Party Game With Balloons


You have to get many balloons bloated for this bridal shower game. Keep all the balloons on a table and call two members from one team. Give them the time limit of one minute. One of the members will stand facing the wall and the other member will take a balloon and run to burst the balloon on the bums of member standing.

I hope I am clear with this game .I guess the picture is making it more clear. If you still have any doubt in any of my Funny Bachelorette Party Game, you can always leave a comment below. I am always here to solve your queries.


  1. hello mam I would like to give this game to play to all my guests . guest will be around fifty if I divide them half and half .I need to knw wat gift I can give to the winner team and how they will distribute ?

    • Hey Manu, if you have fifty guests you should divide them into four teams I think.You can select the gift items according to the occasion. I would prefer giving some lovely couple statue as a gift.


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