Funny kitty party games for ladies : Roller Pin and Bangles

kitty party games for ladies

Funny kitty party games for ladies . Many of my kitty groups members are asking for the karva chauth special games for their karva chauth theme kitty party. What came first in my mind while thinking of Karva Chauth are the red bangles so here I am with a party game with red bangles. This is one of the oldest party games I played in my karva chauth kitty party. Although it is a simple one but it relates best to the karva chauth theme kitty party. It is not necessary that you play this game in your karva chauth theme kitty party you can play it in any type of kitty party or even in your kid’s birthday party. Kids love playing such games and winning challenges.

Funny kitty party games for ladies
Funny kitty party games for ladies

For this party game you need a roller pin and many bangles. Make sure that you have many colored bangles and some red bangles. Keep all those bangles in one big bowl. This is a one minute party game and you have to call the members one by one to play this game. The member who manage to put maximum number of red bangles in the roller pin will be the winner of this game. The rule of the game is that only red bangles will be counted. To increase the difficult level of this game you can blindfold the player before she starts playing the game. This will make the game more difficult and will also increase the fun and laughter quotient in your kitty party.

Do let me know how do you like this game. If you have any kind of doubt for this party game or any of the funny kitty party games for ladies feel free to leave a comment below in the comment box.

Check the game video here


  1. So by one hand we have the hold the roller pin at the back and from other hand we have to put the bangles ? do we disclose initially that only red bangles will be counted ??


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