Birthday Party Games For Kids : 5 Funny Games For Toddlers

birthday party games for kids

Birthday Party Games For Toddlers . If you are inviting the children of age group 5-7 you have to be pretty careful about selecting the birthday party games and the games. The children in this age groups usually get upset when they are out of the game and don’t get any gifts, so it is better to keep the games where every child wins a gift. Check out the list of a few birthday party games for kids and especially for the 5-7 years old. These funny birthday party games will avoid the flared tampers of the kids and make all children in the party happy at the same time.

Birthday Party Games For Toddlers

Lucky Slip  birthday party games for toddlers

This is one of the best birthday party games for toddlers . Choose many small gifts for this game and make sure that you have one gift for every child. If you are low on budget, you can keep the cheap gifts like crayons set, chocolates, color pencils and other small stationary items. Wrap each of your gift items in attractive gift wrap and number them randomly. Now make the slips with same numbers and keep them in a bag. Make sure you keep some slips saying ‘play on’. Make all kids seated in a circle and play a good number in good volume. When the music stops, the child will take a slip and will the gift marked with the same number. If the slip says ‘Play On’, the game continues. In both cases, the slip that is pulled out is discarded. In this way, each and every child gets a gift and everybody is happy.

Toss The Ballbirthday party games for toddlers

For this game, make a cardboard cut-out of your child’s favorite character. Make a hole for the mouth and keep some balls aside. Call the kids to the play area and give them a few chances each to through the ball from a distance. All kids who make a successful attempt will get the prize.

Balloony Bumpbirthday party games for kids

This is one of the most interesting games to be played in a birthday party with small kids of 5-7 age group. It brings immense fun and laughter for sure. This game can be played with couples, kids, ladies or only with gents according to the party you are organizing it at. I arranged this games in a birthday party and kids loved playing this game, bursting each other balloons. Call all the kids on the dance floor and give them each a balloon. Ask everyone to tie the balloon in their feet. Start the music and make them dance. Now announce that everyone has to burst each other balloons while dancing keeping their balloons intact.

Grab Your Giftfunny games for birthday parties

To play this game in the birthday party, all you need to do is to make all the children stand in a circle or a square holding the cloth. Then put all the gift items on the cloth and blow the whistle. As you blow the whistle, the children have to grab the gift items kept on the cloth. The only rule is that they cannot leave the cloth. This game fits best in the list of Birthday Party Games For Toddlers. 

Make sure that you keep gifts more than the number of kids in the party, so that everyone can get at least one gift. Also keep in mind that this game suits only when all kids are of same age group.

This is a funny game to play with kids in a birthday party or in any other get-together. Kids love snatching the gifts from one another. You can keep the numbers of gifts and gift items according to your budget but make sure that the gift items are light weighed and small in size and easy to grab.

Freeze Dance

This is again one of the very interesting Birthday Party Games For Kids. Kids love to dance and this game is all about dancing. Call all the kids in the dancing area and start the music. Play some fun kids music. Ask the kids to move, groove, jump and jiggle with the music. When the music stops, all of them have to freeze in whatever position they are. The child that moves will be out of the game. 



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