Match The Baby Socks : Baby Shower Game Ideas for Large Groups


Baby Shower Game Ideas for Large Groups. Baby showers are very emotional and close to the heart of mom-to-be and a perfectly planned baby shower can bring some memorable moments in  her life. We usually invite all our close friends and relatives in a baby shower and the best thing to entertain the guests is to play some good and interesting baby shower games.  There are many party games ideas for a baby shower with a few guests but when you have many guests in your baby shower, it becomes a bit tricky to handle and entertain them all at a time. 

Baby Shower Game Ideas for Large Groupsbaby shower game ideas for large groups

Today I am sharing a nice baby shower game for big groups. The game is about finding the matching socks. To play this game you need to buy or arrange many different colored baby socks. This is a one minute party game and you can call all the guests to play the game all-together.

All guests will get one minute of time to match the pair of socks. Gather all the guests around the tub where all socks are kept and bow the whistle. after one minute blow the whistle again and ask everyone to get away the tub. The guest having the maximum number of correct pair of socks will be declared the winner of this baby shower game. You can also announce the second and third winner if you want. This game is one of the best baby shower game ideas for large groups, you can also play this game with a smaller group through. If you are planning a baby shower for your friend of relative, try playing this game.

Do leave a comment below if you liked this game and also let me know if you have any doubt regarding this baby shower game ideas for large groups.



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