Bangle Tambola: Interesting Tambola Variant For Ladies Kitty Party


Today we played an interesting game in our ladies kitty party. As the name states, this is a bangles tambola kitty party game, which is played with bangles and is thus best suitable for the ladies kitty party.

Bangles tambola kitty party game
bangles tambola kitty party game

Things Required

  • Bangles
  • Plain papers
  • Tambola boards and numbers

How To Play bangles tambola kitty party game

bangles tambola

  • Make tambola tickets on bangles as shown in the image above.
  • Write 8 numbers on each bangle.
  • Make the members wear bangles.
  • There dividends are – left bangle, right bangle, early five and full house.

This simple yet interesting bangles tambola game suits best to the ladies kitty parties.


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