Happy New Year Tambola Tickets


Are you looking for Happy New Year Tambola Tickets? Here it is. Today I have designed these special tambola tickets for your new year theme kitty party. Its 2016 almost and we all are planning some or the other thing for our new year’s eve party. Tambola is always the best game to be played in big groups and what else can be funnier than this attractive specially designed Happy New Year Tambola Tickets. 

Happy New Year Tambola TicketsHappy New Year Tambola Tickets

Things required

  • Print outs of the plain tambola ticket shown below.
  • Pens
  • Tambola board and numbers

How to play with Happy New Year Tambola Tickets

Get the printouts according to the number of members in your kitty party.

Write numbers in your ticket as shown in the image above.

There are 4 dividends in this tambola namely-

  • Happy- Numbers written in HAPPY are cut
  • New– Numbers written in NEW are cut
  • Year– Numbers written in YEAR are cut
  • Happy New Year- When all numbers in your tambola ticket are cut.

DOWNLOAD THE TICKET HEREHappy New Year Tambola Tickets

While you can download and get these tickets for free but these new-year tambola tickets are also available on sale, do let us know if you want us to do that for you.


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