Baby Shower Bingo Game : Baby themed Bingo game

baby shower bingo game

Baby Shower Bingo GameBingo is one of the most popularly played game worldwide and the best part is that this game can be played and enjoyed by all age groups. Unlike other baby shower games, it is very easy to arrange the bingo game in your parties. After adding many of the designer bingo games and tickets today I am sharing the baby shower bingo game with my readers.

Baby Shower Bingo Gamebaby shower bingo game


Playing the baby shower bingo game is a nice idea to break the ice at your baby shower party. It is very simple and entertaining game and the best thing is that everyone today know how to play the bingo game. You do not need to do any homework or even don’t need to explain the game to your guests.

One pack of baby shower bingo game contains 24 cards and you can arrange the game for 24 guests. Along with the 24 bingo cards, this game contains the slips of the words written on the bingo cards. You just have to distribute the bingo cards among your guests and start calling out the words. The game continues as the simple bingo but in a baby theme and in a more interesting and exciting way.

Your baby shower party guests will love playing this fun and original Bingo game. As Bingo is called players will mark squares marked “Diaper Pin” or “Booties”, etc. All the winning words and graphics tie into a Baby theme. And you can use the set for either a boy or girl themed party. Complete and easy to follow game rules and instructions included. 24 cards per pack. These baby shower bingo game pack is easily available to buy at affordable rates and your guests may surely like the game.

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