Baby Shower Games – Pass the Pacifier

baby shower games with pacifer

Baby Shower Games With Pacifier 

Babies love playing with  their pacifier but have you every tried paying any game with pacifier. If no, then read about this game and try it , its interesting. 

Baby shower games are mostly the games including the baby items and baby themes. As the name suggests this is a baby shower game to be played with baby pacifiers. You have to collect a few baby pacifiers for this special and funny baby shower shower games with pacifer

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For this baby shower game you have to divide your guests into two teams and make them all stand on a line. Give each guest a straw in both the teams and ask everyone to put it in the mouth. When the time begins, give one pacifier to each team; rather give it to the lady standing on the first.

If you feel that guests can create a fuss on timing, you can also start the timing when the first lady in the line hangs her pacifier in her straw. As the time begins, the guests have to pass the pacifier from one straw to other. The team which brings the pacifier to the last member first, will win this baby shower game.

This is however not baby shower game specifically but by adding the pacifier we are making it theme suitable. I have arrange this party game as a birthday party game also and I must say that the kids loved passing the pacifier game.


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