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baby shower games

You might surely be aware of the Old Wives Tales if you are a mother and if you are invited for a baby shower party, you better get prepared with the most common Old Wives Tales, because this is one of the most popular and admired baby shower games. Old wives used to say many different things about the pregnant ladies and the coming baby.

This is one of the greatest baby shower ideas and trust me your guests will definitely enjoy this baby shower game. The answer might either be a BOY or GIRL.

Give each guest an Old Wives’ Trivia card and a pen or pencil. Have each guest answer all fifteen questions and then you read the correct answers at the end. The guest with the number of most correct answers wins!

Print out the free game cards below, one for each guest. Just use the printing instructions below the card:

Interesting Baby Shower Game

baby shower games


Answers of Old Wives Tales

  1. If your feet get colder than they used to pre-pregnancy, it’s a sign you have a boy on the way. If your feet are the same, then it’s a girl!
  2. If you are carrying low, it’s a boy, or if you’re carrying high it’s a girl.
  3. Craving Sweets means you are having a girl and cravings for sour or salty means you have a boy.
  4. Your baby’s heart rate will be above 140bpm, it’s a girl or else it’s a boy.
  5. If you like orange juice you are having a boy or else a girl
  6. If your nose has gotten wider you are having a boy
  7. If you are getting exceptionally beautiful you are having a boy.
  8. If dad is gaining weight you are having a girl if not, you are having a boy.
  9. It’s a boy
  10. It’s a boy
  11. Palms up is a boy and palms down is a girl
  12. Hair on legs are growing faster you are having a girl or else a boy
  13. You sleep with your pillow to the north, you are having a boy
  14. A threaded needle held over your hand swings in circles, it’s a girl or else a boy.
  15. If your mum’s hair are grey, you are having a boy.




  1. hello shiwangi,thanxx,baby shower game batane ke liye ……..aap mujhe “old wives tales” ke answer mail kar dijiye ‘please’…….


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