Baby Shower Games – Guessing Games

baby shower games

After just posting about a baby shower game based on guessing items, I got an idea that we can actually ad a few thing to that. Guess games in a baby shower party can be of a vast range. I mean we can include many different guessing games in this special baby shower game based on shower games

Baby Shower Games – Guessing Games

Guessing the baby food

To play this baby shower game, you need to collect different baby food and keep it in a bowl with a cover. The guests in  your baby shower party have to guess the baby food items. More the food items you add, more will be fun

Guessing Mommy’s Bump

This baby shower game is also played in baby shower parties often. Here in this game the guests will get a paper and a pen and they have to write the measurement of the mommy’s bump. The guest with closest guess will win this baby shower game based on guessing.


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