Baby Shower Games : Diaper Relay Race


Baby Shower Games. What do you think the Diaper Relay Race could be ? It is actually a diaper relay race and you have to wear for this interesting baby shower game. Lol..don’t worry you have to wear the diapers on your head to play this baby shower game diaper relay race.

Baby Shower Games : Diaper Relay Race 

This is a couple game . Before you start this baby shower game make the couples stand apart at a distance of about 5-6 feet (depends on your party space). Both of the partners will wear the diapers on their heads and both will have one bucket kept near them. You can keep the buckets on table or on the floor (your wish). One partner will have bucket filled with water and one will have empty bucket.

Now how the baby shower game begins ? When the time starts one of the partners having filled bucket will dip his/her head with diaper in the bucket and run to the partner having empty bucket. Both partners will now stick the heads and squeeze the diapers in the empty bucket. This is a one minute game and couples will get one minute to fill the empty bucket.

Couple who manages to fill the highest level of water in one minute will win this baby shower game.

The picture below will help you understand the game better.

baby shower games



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