Brainteasers # 6 : Solve These Brainteasers

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Brainteasers. Here are the new kind of brainteasers. Below are given some words and you have you guess what is common in these words. These are not at all hard to solve but you just need to concentrate a bit to get the answers. I am giving one example here to help you with these brainteasers.

Brainteasers # 6 : Solve These Brainteasers

1. A Ball – A Fish – A Cold

Ans : These are caught

2. A Ball – A Salad – A Coin
3. A Cork – A Question – A Balloon
4. A Bottle – A Baseball Player – A Mushroom
5. A Bell – Mouth – A Shoe
6. A Tug of War – The Nightly News – A Boat
7. Seventeen – Time – People
8. A Basketball Court – A Highway – A Bowling Alley
9. Fog – A Jack – A Body Builder
10. A Hockey Game – A Restaurant – A Bank

You can get the answers by clicking on the ‘Download’ button below.

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