Best Baby Shower Games : Where Is The Baby


Best Baby Shower Games . This is yet another simple but interesting game in my list of baby shower games. For arranging this game in a baby shower party you need a few baby toys which include a baby pacifier, bay rattles, baby pins and a few toy babies.

Bring the artifacts according to the number of guests in your baby shower party. Now make the guests stand in a line and on a big table hide the artifacts under plastic tumblers. Make sure that the tumblers you use for this baby shower game are not transparent. Now keep all the items under the tumblers on the table and every guest will now take one tumbler. Guests getting the baby under the tumbler will come in the final round.

Best Baby shower games : where is the baby

best baby shower games

Suppose out of 25 guests, 8-12 guests get babies they will again come and take the tumblers kept upside down on the table. I hope you are getting what I am trying to say. Don’t forget to shuffle up the babies under the tumbler after every few turns and also keep reducing the number of babies.

You will get the winner of this baby shower game in a few rounds.




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