Baby Shower Games – Take The Baby To The Womb

baby shower games

Baby Shower Games with pictures

This is one of the funniest and unique baby shower games I have ever played in any baby shower party. This game is however somewhat similar to the game Pin the monkey’s tail, which we often play as a birthday party game or a kitty party game. baby shower games

For this special and unique baby shower game, you have to arrange baby pictures. Make sure that you have the baby pictures according to the number of guests in your baby shower party. Every guest should get one picture. When you give the picture to your guests, ask them to write their name on the back side of the picture.

Now, hang one of your group pictures on the wall where you are standing a group. The guests will come blindfolded one by one and will stick the baby’s picture on the group.

Well, you can always twist any game according to your suitability.




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