Baby Shower Games – Animal Baby Names

baby shower games

Do you know all baby animals’ names? I don’t think so.

So, as we do not know all the baby animals’ names this can be an interesting baby shower game. The most common baby animal names people know are like a baby of a cow, baby of a horse, baby of a bear etc.

Baby Shower Games On Paper

baby shower games

But this list of baby shower game includes many different names which are not commonly use in our lives and thus it would not be that easy for your guests to guess the names.

Take the print out of the game and make sure that you have a sheet for each of your guests. Give them the list and start the set time for the game. I guess a time limit of 5 minutes would be more than enough.

Do not forget to keep a set of pencils on the table.

Now handover one sheet of paper to every guest in your party and start your stop watch. The guest who manages to get the maximum number of baby animal names will win this baby shower game.



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