Baby Shower Games – Baby Picture Match Game

baby shower games

Baby Shower Game with your childhood pictures

To play this Baby shower game you need to ask your guests beforehand to bring their childhood pictures with them. When all your guests are arrived you have to stick all the collected childhood pics on a board and do not forget to assign a number to every shower games

Now tell all the guests to come in the party hall and give them a sheet of paper and a pen. The time limit for this game can be set according to the number of your guests in the party.

When the time begins, the guests will start identifying the picture of the guests. They will write the number and the name in the paper. The guests who get maximum number of correct guesses will win this baby shower game.

This is a simple yet interesting baby shower game, and your guests will definitely love playing it. It creates a nostalgic feel in the baby shower party when everyone is with their childhood picture. To make a change in this baby shower game, you can also use some childhood pictures of celebrities.



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