Baby Shower Games – Guess the Baby Items in the Bag

baby shower game

This is a simple guess baby shower game. As it is for baby shower party and this is a baby shower game based on the guesses. It is quite a common game and also played as the birthday party games but this suits best as the baby shower games. baby shower game

You just have to collect as many baby items as you can, for this special guessing baby shower game. Collect all the baby items in a bag and also add some extra goodies in it to confuse the guests.

Now take the bag to all the guests one by one and they have to guess the items in the bag. Each guest will get one minute for guess because it is a one minute party game. The guest who gives the maximum number of correct guesses wins this baby shower game.

As we are talking about the baby shower party and baby shower games, the gift for the winner should also be somewhat similar to the theme. It should be a special baby shower gift for this game.



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