Baby Shower Games – Alphabet Category Baby Name

baby shower games with alphabets

How to Play the Baby Shower Game Alphabet Category Baby Name

This game is more of an after dinner activity to test your skills while having fun. This can create a great fun and laughter in your baby shower party. The best part about this baby shower game is that you need just players for this game and nothing else. This baby shower game can definitely increase the laughter quotient in your baby shower party. baby shower games with alphabets

All you have to do is to make all your guests stand or sit (as your convenience) and select any alphabet randomly. Now you start with a baby name with that alphabet (boy or girl) and guest sitting next to you will speak up another name with the same alphabet. This baby shower game will continue same ways. No guest will get more than ten second to think for the name. When you feel that there are no more baby names with that alphabet, change it.

This is simple yet interesting baby shower game, and your guests will love playing it.



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