Grab Your Gift : Funny Birthday Party Game for Kids

funny games for birthday parties

Funny Games for Birthday Parties. Kids love playing funny games and winning prizes in the birthday party. Kids when enter a birthday party, the first and foremost thing in their little minds is to play and win the games. Keeping good and interesting birthday party games is the best idea to make your party a great hit among kids. You can arrange the funny games for birthday parties according to your party area.

Funny Games for Birthday Parties

funny games for birthday parties

This is one of the most funny games for birthday parties and you do not need to much homework for this game. All you need is a big cloth, may be a bed cover or a table cover and a few gift items.

How to play Grab The Gift

To play this game in the birthday party, all you need to do is to make all the children stand in a circle or a square holding the cloth. Then put all the gift items on the cloth and blow the whistle. As you blow the whistle, the children have to grab the gift items kept on the cloth. The only rule is that they cannot leave the cloth.

Make sure that you keep gifts more than the number of kids in the party, so that everyone can get at least one gift. Also keep in mind that this game suits only when all kids are of same age group.

This is a funny game to play with kids in a birthday party or in any other get-together. Kids love snatching the gifts from one another. You can keep the numbers of gifts and gift items according to your budget but make sure that the gift items are light weighed and small in size and easy to grab.




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