Baby Shower Game – I Delivered The Baby

baby shower game

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Yes it is indeed a very interesting baby shower game. This could create a huge laughter in your baby shower party. This baby shower game is played only between the ladies and the lady who wins will shout aloud, I DELIVERED THE BABY.

Yes this is the major fun part of this baby shower game.

How to play Baby Shower Game – I Delivered the Baby
baby shower games to play

To play this game, you need a few tiny plastic babies which you can get easily on any webstore or any party store in your locale. Now what you have to do is to freeze these plastic babies in ice cubes and put these cubes in the ladies’ drinks. The lady whose ice cube melts first and baby starts floating over the drink will win and has to shout aloud I DELIVERED THE BABY.

She of course is the winner.

Ladies can use any idea to melt their ice fast.



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