Baby Shower Game – Nab The Nipples


Baby Shower must be full of fun, and if the mom-to-be and her guests are ready for some madness and funny baby shower games, the party can turn into a huge laughter festivity.

Nab the Nipples – Unique baby shower games for men

You might have understood by the name that this baby shower game is played with the nipples, the rubber nipple of course. This is a simple game indeed but will increase the laughter quotient in the baby shower party for sure.

To play this funny baby shower game all you need is a mid-sized tub filled with water and quite a few nipples.

How To Play Baby Shower Game Nab The Nipples

unique baby shower games for menFill in the tub with water and keep it on the floor, you can keep it on the table also but keeping it on the floor will be funnier, trust me!

Now put all nipples in the tub along with other rubber toys of babies. If you have invited male friends in your baby shower party, call them to play this baby shower game. Trust me the fun just double when male members play this game.

Well if you don’t have male guests in your baby shower party, call the female members and give them a set time limit.

Let’s say one minute. Start your stop watch and all of them have to start nabbing the nipples from the tub from their teeth. This is one of the most unique baby shower games for men I have ever played.

Remember the only rule in this game is that the players cannot use their hands or any other body part. They have to nab the nipple just from their teeth and put it down in a separate plate kept near the tub. The member who manages grab maximum number of nipple will be the winner of this baby shower game.

Wasn’t that exciting? Try this funny baby shower game in your party and have fun. This is also a best suitable adult party game to be played in couple kitty parties.


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