Baby Shower Game – Dirty Diaper Wins

baby shower game

This is a baby shower game to be played with diapers and as diaper relates directly to a to-be-mom, and baby, this game suits best as the baby shower party idea. This is a very common baby shower game being played for years in the baby shower parties but somehow I like this game and found it worth adding in my list of baby shower games. To play this baby shower game Dirty Diaper Wins; you need diapers in the same number as many guests in your party.

dirty diaper wins baby shower game

It is somewhat a lucky game and the guests have to do nothing but pick up just one diaper. Buy the diapers from the market and poop a scoop of mustard sauce in one of the diapers. Keep all the diapers in a bundle and when you guests enter the party, ask them to pick a diaper each. Make sure that you close the diapers properly so that the guests cannot open them before you announce the game.

The guest who gets the diaper with poop (mustard sauce) wins the game. You can also use the chocolate ice-cream instead of mustard sauce.


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