Baby Shower Game – Drink it Baby


As it is baby shower party, everything has to be related to babies and mommys. Baby milk bottles are what you need for this baby shower game to be played in your baby shower party.

Did you guessed it what is the game.

Well, yeah you guess it right. It is just about your guests drinking the beverages from the baby’s bottles. This is no doubt a simple and common baby shower game but trust me it will be a good fun and will definitely double the laughter quotient of your baby shower party.

How to play Baby Shower Game – Drink it Baby

drink it baby baby shower game

Instead of serving the drinks in designer glasses serve them in the baby milk bottles in your baby shower party. This is a one minute game and all the ladies get one minute to bottoms up their drink in the bottle. Make sure that all the bottles are same or else it may create dispute among the ladies.

Now as the time starts the host will shout “Drink it baby” and the ladies will start drinking the drink. The lady who finishes the bottle first wins this baby shower game and gets the gift.



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