Anarkali Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas


We recently planned the Anarkali Theme Kitty Party in our Diva Ladies Club and it went super hit. The members loved the theme and the party, right from the decoration to the food and games were wonderfully loved by the members.

Anarkali Theme Kitty Party Games and IdeasAnarkali Theme Kitty Party Games

So before the games start, I presented the dance on classic song ‘Jab Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya’ and yeah..the members loved it 🙂 As far as I know. 

Anarkali Theme Kitty Party Decoration

We decided to keep it red and golden and thus we decorated our party hall with red drapes and red and golden flowers all over. We also kept the red LED lights to give it a total mughal look. There was no chair and table, because we always wanted the gadda and masand sitting for this theme. 

Anarkali Theme Kitty Party Games

Game 1- Mughal Tambola

As a routine, our first game was the Tambola Game and the tickets were designed in the shape of hand fans. The dividends here were Akbar, Saleem, Anarkali as lines and the full house was Maan Gaye Mugh-le-azam. We kept the beautiful tea light holders as tambola gift to suit the theme.

Game 2-Pan Relay

Since we had around 50 members present in our kitty party, we divided them into teams and prepared all team games. So, our second game was the Pan Relay Race. In this game, we kept 4 tables at a distance and one member was sitting in the chair. All the members had to make the Pan in a relay race and them the final member sitting on  the chair had to eat it.

Game 3- Chunwa Do Anarkali

This was a fun game where the members had to cement the Anarkali in walls. We gave 12 carton boxes to each team and they had to select one member as Anarkali and cement her around the wall using these carton boxes. The team who did it in minimum time was the winner.

Game 4- Call Anarkali

This was a paper game where the members had to find out Anarkali’s phone number. Below is the game sheet of this game. There are number of alphabets written on this sheet and the members had to count these numbers and guess the phone number of Anarkali. The team who did it first was the winner.

Game 5- Dress Up Saleem

This was a fancy dress game where the team had to select one member as Saleem and dress her with the complete attire we gave them, which include Angrakha, Necklaces, Hand cuffs, Talwar and many more items.





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