Funny Kitty Party Games For Women – Grab The Fruits


Here, I am with another kitty  party game in the list of my fun family kitty party games for women. This party game will be played individually yet together. Confused !! Don’t be, I will explain the game to you.

Before I proceed with this kitty party game for women, let me tell you that it is a fun party game but not suitable for big age groups. This party game is all about running and catching the fruits from mouth which I believe is not at suitable for the old age people.Being a fun family party game, this can be arrange as a birthday party game, or ladies kitty party game or even as a baby shower party game.

The party game Catch the fruit goes like this-

Funny Kitty Party Games for women- Grab The Fruits

To play this funny party game you first have to divide your kitty party members in two teams. Now call two member from each team and tie them up with an elastic. You can also use a rope if you don’t want to use elastic or if you find the rope more suitable for this party game.

When the members are tied up, bring them in the center of a big circle surrounded with some table where you will keep the fruits. In our kitty party we had enough space so we kept the circle and the rope big. You can always modify it according to your suitability. This is a one minute kitty party game for women, and when you say, time starts now the members will rush to eat the fruits kept on the tables surrounding the circle.

The major rule in this kitty party games for women is that the members are not allowed to use their hands and can eat the fruits only using their mouth directly. The member who manages to eat more fruits in one minute will grab a point for his/her team.

party games eat fruits with mouth

This party game increases the laughter quotient in your party just to double, but make sure that your kitty party hall is spacious enough to play this game or else you might end up hurting someone.

I hope you liked this kitty party game, but in case you have any kind of doubts about this game, you can leave comment in the comment box below.



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