5 Interesting Karvachauth Party Games


Check out the list of 5 Interesting Karvachauth Party Games. Gone are the time when Karvachauth used to be a ladies affair. Today societies throw a special karvachauth party inviting both husband and wives. Such karvachauth parties include some musical programs, some interesting couple party games and delicious food so that the ladies do not have to get into the kitchen after their whole day fasting. Today I am sharing 5 interesting karvachauth party games which may bring some fun in your karvachauth party.

5 Interesting Karvachauth Party Games

Solah ShringarKarvachauth Party Games

While the ladies are already decked up on the karvachauth evening, this game is about husbands dolling up their wives. The husbands will be given a thali of all 16 shringar items and the challenge for them is to doll up the wife with all those items. The couple who does it first will be the winner of the game. The 16 shringar items may include-

Bangles, bindi, mehandi, tika, mangalsutra, payal, bichiya, kajal, powder, lipstick, ring, kamarband, flower, hair clip, nosering, and earring.

Saath Phere Hum TereKarvachauth Party Games

This is one of the best and most interesting Karvachauth Party Games to be played with couples in a karvachauth party. In this game the couple has to mock up their wedding again with all basic rituals. The couple will be given the items like ring, varmala, mangalsutra, sindoor, and a candle. The couple has to mock up their wedding rituals sequence wise. For example they will first exchange the rings, then varmala, then husband will put sindoor and mangalsutra and then finally will take saath phere around a candle burning in the center. The couple who takes minimum time to do so will be the winner of this game.

Find Your Wedding Ring

This game can be played in two different version, one is with husband and second is without husband. If you are playing it with husband, make all the husbands stand in one line and blindfold the wives. The challenge for wives is to touch the hands and find her WEDDING RING. To double the fun you can ask husbands to shuffle their wedding rings.

If you want to play it without husbands, take the wedding rings from all husbands and put them in a bowl. Now blindfold the wives and the challenge is to find their husband’s ring.

Wedding Rituals

This is a paper game where the challenge for each couple is to write the wedding rituals in correct sequence. The wedding rituals will start from haldi rasm and will finish at suhag raat. To make it a bit tougher, keep it in a way that both husband and wife will right the rituals alternatively. For that give them a blue and a red pen each. First ritual husband will write with blue pen, then wife will write a ritual with red pen, then again husband will write a ritual and so on.


This is a one minute paper party game ans suits best as the couple kitty party game. It is again very simple yet interesting game like my all ther games in this website.

For this one minute paper party game, you need to make the couples sit together and give them one plane paper and pen. Now the game starts like this –

Wife will start telling a recipe and the husband will write it. They have just one minute to write the recipe. After one minute send the wives out of the party hall and if you have the couple kitty party in your house, just send all the wives in other room and give this new play sheet to the husbands.

This playsheet has a few questions which the husbands have to fill up in one minute.

Now if you are confused why did I kept the recipe section, my dear friends it was just to confuse the couple so that they cannot get any idea about the actual game .

Download the playsheet by clicking the link below.




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