Fun Party Game For Daddy and Kids

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While browsing over the web, found this Fun Party Game For Daddy and Kids today and couldn’t resist sharing it with my readers here on my blog. This is an interesting one minute party game which can be played in any of your family gatherings or in some birthday parties where daddys are also invited.

Fun Pary Game For Daddy and Kids

Fun party Game For Daddy and Kids
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Things Required

Nachos or Chips and thats it.

How To Play  This Fun Party Game For Daddy and Kids

  • Make the daddys and kids sit as shown in the image above.
  • Keep some nachos or chips in a plate on the table.
  • Now ask daddys to fold their hands behind their back having the child in between.
  • The challenge here is for the kids to make daddy eat all the nachos or chips whatever you have.
  • The daddy kid team who finishes the chips first will be the winner of this game.
  • Make sure that you assign same number of chips to each team.

This is a nice, simple and interesting game to be played with daddys and kids. Do try this game in your next family gatherings and do let us know how they loved it.


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