Full- figured beauties, get your new look with tips

trendy plus size clothing tips

We all are designed with different beautiful body shapes. There is no term as “perfect body” the only difference is that some people just know the tricks to dress as per their body type.

Most people have a perception that it is difficult to find flattering clothes especially when they have a fuller figure and they start hiding beneath those unflattering layers and voluminous clothing. In my article below, I will take you through some simple trendy plus size clothing tips and tricks on how you can show off your fuller figure to its best advantage, keep these in mind when dressing and purchasing clothes. Understanding your figure type, clever designs and attention to details can give the illusion that you’ve shed pounds. Here is how…

 Trendy plus size clothing tips

  • A wrap dress, this style manages to show off those beautiful curves and accentuate waist at the same time. Quite flattering for the fuller figure.               trendy plus size clothing tips
  • Dresses and skirts make fuller thighs look bigger? Not at all, when you have the proper cut. The magic word is “A-line, this lightly flared cut directs attention away from the thighs and those curves, below the waist.trendy plus size clothing tips
  • Color block is definitely a friend of the curvy gal. Racks are loaded with color block dresses that instantly slims you down without a strict diet…trendy plus size clothing tips
  • The V neck will work wonders for balancing the all-over look giving that long lean line that you may desire. A three-quarter length sleeve is ideal for a fuller arm as it reveals the slimmest section of the arm.trendy plus size clothing tips
  • Wear solid colored or simple patterns as they tend to flatter fuller figures better than bold patterns. For a formal corporate look, go for a jacket nipped in at the waist. This would define your shape making you look slimmer than if you wear a boxy jacket.A three-quarter length sleeve is ideal for a fuller arm as it reveals the slimmest section of the arm.


  • Remember, always carry yourself with confidence.Be happy with who you are; this is most important and speaks louder than your clothes or size ever will.

Trendy plus size clothing tips by “Shalini Chugh” (Image and Style consultant)



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