Word Linkup Game: Funny Game For Kitty Party


Word Linkup Game For Kitty Party is one of the very popular games to be played in any kind of events but hardly any lady would have planned this game in her kitty party. We recently played this game in our kitty party and had great fun. This game is also suitable for the birthday parties and the family gatherings as you can play this game with everyone at a time. You can play this game in Hindi or English as suitable for your guests.

Word Linkup Game For Kitty PartyWord Linkup Game For Kitty Party

  • The best thing about this game is that you do not need anything to play this game and can play it anywhere anytime spontaneously.
  • Just make all your guests or the members in a circle and start the game.
  • The host will give any one word to start and the members have to say a related word quickly.
  • If anyone repeats a word, she will be out and anyone taking more than a second to reply will also be out.
  • Member will get only a second to guess the word.
  • The word should be related well to the word said by the previous member.

Hope the game is clear to  you and if you still have any doubts, just stay tuned to my YouTube channel Kitty Groups Online as I will soon be making a video on this game.

This is a very interesting game and the best part is that you do not need to prepare anything for this game. Also, this is n0t an individual game and thus every member can play it simultaneously which makes it even more interesting and funny. You can play this game in your office parties too with your colleagues or bosses. Do plan this game in your kitty party , family party or in some office party and let me know how your friends and family members liked it.


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