Wishing a Very Happy New Year To All My Readers


As we head into the new year, me at  Kitty Groups Online would like to thank you all for helping me grow as an organization through your readership, interaction and love. I want to pause and personally thank you all for following my blog, leaving your comments, reading and liking my ideas.

kitty groups new year

Year 2013 has been wonderful for Kitty Groups Online as it got many new readers and subscribers from all around the worlds. Kitty Groups Online which started as a small online kitty group has now turned into a big online community and the credit goes to my lovely viewers.

I always try my best to share exciting and unique party ideas and games with you. Your immense love and support is what turned a small blog into a full-fledged website with more than 800 party games, themes and ideas.

I also ask that you continue to join me in 2014 and help me with what I enjoy doing most—sharing the unique party games and ideas. Your comments and likes inspire and encourage me everyday to add the latest and unique party ideas in the website.

Kitty Groups Online look forward to such love and support next year and many more years ahead. I will try sharing many more ideas and games with you all in coming year. Always there to help you out with your ladies kitty parties, birthday parties, couple parties, office parties and much more.

Send me questions, comments or suggestions you may have. I am always open and ready to hear from you—day or night. I  encourage you to reach out to us.

Kitty Groups Online wish you and your family a happy holiday season, as well as a healthy, successful and eventful new year. I look forward to a another great year together!

Happy New Year 2014 🙂 Have Fun !!


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