Weight loss tips for women : Causes of Weight Gain and Remedies


Weight loss tips for women . Putting on weight is a lot easier than getting rid of all the excess fat in the body. If you are worried about your increasing weight do not be vexed.  They are many ways to reduce weight. Today, women love to be fit. They also have the willpower of iron and will certainly be successful in anything if they determine to do something. Planning well before reducing weight will help you to do it very quickly. You can burn your fat naturally with the help of the tips given here. However before learning how to lessen the weight you need to know what increases the weight and its many causes. Here are some of the ways which can make your body get the extra fat.

Causes of weight gain

Sometimes without your knowledge, your Weight can be increased because of the food you eat or lack of physical activities you may be doing before. The increase in fat may be periodic, continuous or rapid.

The periodic weight gain may be found out by the changes in your weight from time to time. It will never be constant. This type of weight gain is often experienced in women because of the menstrual cycle. You may gain or lose weight during that time of the month.

Rapid and sudden weight gain can happen because of the side effects of a few medications and it is for most of the times harmless.

Continuous weight gain can happen in women who overeat or because of the aging factors.

Here are some of the other factors that can lead to weight gain

  • Pregnancy

During the time of pregnancy, women can put extra weight because of the increase in the supply of blood in the body and the growing fetus.

  • Hormonal changes

When a woman goes through the phase of menopause there will be a lessening of estrogen hormone. This can lead to gaining of weight in the abdominal regions and the region of the hips. Or even if you are not having a proper and regular menstrual cycle it will disturb your hormones and you will gain weight. So before you start with any weight loss regime, do check with your Gynecologist.

  • Retention of fluid 

The fluid retention is known as edema. It can cause the limb, feet, hands, face to become swollen and it can make you gain weight.

These are some of the things which cause weight gain.

Weight loss tips for women

  • Plan before you decide on a course to reduce weight.
  • The first step to follow is to reduce and control your appetite.
  • This can help you reduce weight without any hunger.
  • This can also increase your metabolism.

Tips to follow

  1. Cutting back on sugar and starch

By cutting back on sugar and starch it helps to reduce and control your hunger level which results in eating lesser calories than before. The insulin level on your body will reduce if you stop eating sugar and starch which sheds excessive water from your body. This can reduce the body from bloating.  A graph displays that when you cut back on eating sugar and start eating low-fat food then you can easily reduce your weight. Cutting carbs can easily help in fat loss. A person who is following this method will not eat up to fullness rather they will follow calorie restrictions thus automatically helps in weight reduction. Do try to have the food items with low carbohydrate content. There are many different low carb snacks available in the market these days for your munching. Try them out.

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  1. Try to eat more vegetables, fat, and protein.

Protein is a very important element in your diet if you want to reduce weight. Organizing your diet in this way can help you to reduce it without much effort.  Meat such as chicken, beef, pork and, lamb can help you to gain more protein. The seafood varieties such as salmon, shrimp and trout when consumed can provide you much of protein content.  Taking high protein content can help you to control high-calorie food cravings. By adding the right amount of protein to your diet you can easily take 441 calories per day. Protein also provides your body with the right amount of nutrient supplements.

Eat a vegetable with low carb contents. There are very healthy vegetables which are low carb. Veggies such as spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumber are very nutritious for your body. You can eat a huge amount of these veggies and you will not cross 50 to 60 calories. When you follow a diet only eating meat and vegetables then you can gain more fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Eating low fat and low carb can make your diet terrible. Don’t be afraid to add fat sources to your diet. When you follow a strict diet you may feel very miserable and your plans may fail. There are many fat sources which are actually healthy for your body. Olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil are very healthy fat contents. If you feel hungry even after the second or third meal add these fat sources to your diet to satisfy your hunger.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

This is the best home remedy and the best alternative that offers weight loss at home. You can mix the one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with one glass of water and honey as per your preference. Drink the solution twice a day and then you can feel the results and check if your weight has lessened. This is a rich source of solution that contains acetic acid which displays anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity properties. Apple cider vinegar surely promotes weight loss and can aid you in your weight loss regime. Do try the Medlife Apple Cider Vinegar as it is pure and is made from real Apple extracts.


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  1. Green tea

Add one cup of green tea with warm water and drink it daily. This will take care of all the harmful fat and other impurities in your body. This drink will keep you fresh and healthy.

Hit the gym at least twice or thrice a week.

Weight loss without heavy exercise is possible when you follow these above tips. However, it is best if you try to work out in a gym for a couple of days a week. This can help you to maintain your reduced weight.  Weight lifting is the best way to lose fat and also increase your metabolism.

These above-mentioned weight loss tips for women are the best way to reduce weight without any weight loss surgery. Follow them and experience the best results.



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