Kitty Party Theme For February : Valentine Theme For Your Kitty Party

Kitty Party Themes .
Valentine Theme Kitty Party 

To cherish your super cute party, add some of the fun merrymaking games. Our Valentine party thoughts are designed in such a way that you can host it in your house, a restraint or even in a garden.

Valentine’s Party Decorations


Decorations for a Valentine’s party is simple purple, red, pink and white will be your theme colors. Cut large paper hearts from construction paper and write messages EX: “Be Mine”, “My Love”, “Your Sweet” etc. Hang the hearts from the ceiling using yarn, string or streamers. Add more streamers and balloons. Cover your table with a white table cloth or sheet. Cut paper hearts in a variety of sizes.

Valentine Games

Valentine Games 1Valentine Games

The Great Valentine Kiss

this is a nice couple’s game, specially for the valentines party. Be sure each couple has its own one tube of lipstick preferably the dark color, tell the couples that on your “go” any one partner has to apply lipstick and start kissing their spouse face as much as possible in the time set. Set a time bound of 30 seconds or a minute and let the kissing go on. The couple having the most visible lip print marks wins.

Valentine Game #2

Valnetine pictionary

Feature the names of famous valentine items on index cards write one item per card and place all of them upside down in your game area. If you are hosting a big party, you will need a white board or a chalkboard so that everybody can see. If there are, just 10 or fewer members you can sit around a table and use pen and paper.
Split your guests into 2 teams. Have a team member come and pick a card, and begin drawing hints for the team to guess. If the team can’t guess after a set time, let the other team guess. Score points according to the performance. Then call the next team until all of the valentine items are used.
Sample items:
Roses, Valentine, Chocolates, Love Letter, Kissing …

Valentine Game #3  Love Song Challenge

You will need a music player for this game, arrange the tunes of many love songs in a CD
And play them one by one, let the teams guess the songs as per their chance, give the bonus points if they guess the band or the artist also.

 Party Game#4 – Love is blind

This is a hilarious fun party game for couples! In this game, you require a couple of people to act as shepherd or spotters .Before playing, women and men will be divided into groups, and each one must be blindfolded. After they are blindfolded, drive both groups into a large room together. The goal? Everybody has to try to find their spouse without uttering a word.
The couple who finds one another first is the winner couple. You may also assign a punishment for the trailing couple it may get more fun in the party. This is a very flexible Valentines Day game you can make it as complicated or as simple at you want.

Valentine Games – Pin Dance

valentine day games







In this game each couple will stand on a paper or a cloth you provide them and, as the music starts, they should dance collectively. Every few minutes fold the paper /cloth into half. The couple who dances on the smallest paper/cloth without stepping outside its margins wins a prize.

Valentines Day Party Games are a lovely way to embellish a Valentine’s party. Moreover, they certainly must not be squishy. In fact, a little stupidity makes the whole event more enjoyable. Check out more at Valentine Party Games. 
These Party Games can be arranged according to the place you are organizing your kitty party and also according to the member you have in your kitty. Just show your creativity and add some more spice in your kitty party.
Enjoy 🙂
And don’t forget to mail me how was your Valentine Kitty Party.



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