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Valentine Games : Valentine Theme Tambola Game

Valentine Tambola Games

Valentine Games . I am getting many messages from my readers for special Valentine theme tambola games and so here I am with a special Valentine tambola game. This is not a tricky of difficult tambola game but yes it is pretty interesting to play this Valentine Tambola in your Valentine Theme Kitty Party

Valentine Games and Valentine TambolaValentine Tambola Games

This is a special Valentine Party Game Tambola Ticket where you have to stick one simple ordinary tambola ticket in one corner as you can see in this picture. You can download this picture from here and get your print outs from any cyber cafe near by.

Well, let me now explain the game to you. This is a simple tambola game but with a twist. Distribute thetambola tickets to all the kitty party members and keep one Valentine tambola game with you (host). Now when you take out the numbers from the bowl, you have to speak them aloud according to the colors in the picture. Hope you are getting me.

Let me make it simpler-

If you take your number 51  you will speak it as Sweetheart Kiss and the players will cut the number 51

More examples of tambola numbers –

21 – Love with Smootch

08- Kiss me Heart

34- Hug with passion

89- Heart and Valentine

66- Darling Darling 

You can keep the dividend in this tambola as you wish. You can also add the conjunctions according to the words. For example when you call out 08 – You better say Kiss me heart instead of simple Kiss and Heart. This will create fun in your Valentine kitty party.

If you have any doubt regarding this Valentine Tambola Game, feel free to ask me in the comment box below. I will try to reply you as soon as possible and will also resolve your query.

I found this an interesting Valentine Tambola Game and hope that you will find it worth playing in your Valentine Theme Kitty Party or your Valentines Party in the Office. Tambola is one of the best games we can arrange in big groups without considering the number of people we have.

You can download this Valentine Tambola Ticket from the button below and get the printouts from any cyber cafe.

[dl url=”https://kittygroups.com/?attachment_id=2468″ title=”Download Game” desc=”” type=”” align=”Game Sheet”]

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  1. dear maam
    this is so nice that u have made the nice tambola game in valentine theme.
    pls send me all the no qte..so that i will b able to conduct tambola in valentine theme

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