11 Diwali Activity Games For Kitty Party

diwali kitty party activity games

Check out the list below to see 5 best diwali kitty party activity games. Now when Diwali is close approaching, almost every ladies group want to throw a diwali party or a diwali theme ladies kitty party. Obviously we need some theme related Diwali Activity Games for such party.

Diwali Kitty Party Activity Games

  1. Candle Race: This is a simple game yet always interesting to be played in a diwali theme kitty party. In this game the challenge for the ladies or the gents is to light a candle using only one match stick. They have to light the candle, blow it off, light it again and so on. They will get one minute and they have to light and blow off the candle as many times as they can.
  2. Diya and Bangles: In this game you will be needing small wax diyas and bangles. The challenge in this game is to pile up the bangles over a wax diya as shown in the image below. As the pile will go up, it will become difficult to balance the bangles. The lady who piles up maximum number of bangles in one minute will be the winner. 

    diwali kitty party activity games
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  3. Wax Writing: To play this activity game in your Diwali kitty party, you may need the colored candles and plain drawing sheets. Give one sheet and one candle to each member and they have  a time limit of one minute to write happy diwali with dropping wax on the drawing sheet. The lady or the member who writes in maximum times will be the winner certainly.
  4. Bangles Hold: In this game the players have to hold the bangles standing on a glass table using the candle wax. The image shown below will make the game clear. one-minute-diwali-kitty-game-e1413359287719
  5. Happy Diwali: In this game the members have to write happy diwali using the match sticks in a minute. The one who writes it maximum times will be the winner. diwali party games
  6. Burnt or Not: To play this Diwali activity game in your kitty party, you will be needing a bog tub filled with wet mud. Put many burnt and some unused match sticks in the mud such that the burnt part is in the mud. Every player will get a chance to take out 5 match sticks. The members who maximum number of unused match sticks will be declared as the winner.
  7. Rangoli Competetion: Rangoli is one of the most important ritual of Diwali and thus keeping a rangoli competition is a perfect idea. This is one of the most common Diwali Kitty Party Activity Games .
  8. Ohm: In this game the members will be given clay diyas, cotton, oil and match box. The challenge if to light the diyas and decorate them in the shape of Ohm. You can also play it as a team game in your kitty party and the team which makes the Ohm shape perfectly in minimum time will be the winner.diwali kitty party activity games
  9. Diwali Songs: Singing the diwali songs will be fun with your friends. The challenge here is to write or sing maximum diwali songs in a minute. The team who knows maximum songs will be the winner.
  10. Thali Decoration: This is something which we can play in any of our Indian festival kitty parties. Ask the members to bring their own hand decorated puja thalis from home. The best looking thali will be awarded of course.
  11. Diya Decoration: diwali party gamesKeep this a spontaneous activity game for diwali. Give them raw clay diya and some decorative items like colors, crystals, beads, threads and glue. The task is to decorate the diyas in 5 minutes. The team or the individual who makes the most attractive diya will be the winner. 

These were my best 11 Diwali Activity Games Kitty Party. Do let us know if you have some other Diwali Kitty Party Games and Ideas.


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