Baby Shower Games : Pin The Pacifier Baby Shower Game


Baby shower games . Pin the Pacifier seems to be a simple baby shower game by the name but trust me it is one of the funniest baby shower games I have ever player. Baby shower must be full of fun and laughter as it is a big day for the would be mom.

This is a fun filled baby shower game where the participants will come and wear an eye mask before they start with the game. You have to call all your guests one by one to play this game. You have to make a baby’s face with a hole at mouth place and then call the guests one by one, put the eye mask on them and give them a pacifier. Every guest will get just a single chance to put the pacifier in the baby’s mouth. Make sure that the guests are not touching the baby’s picture as the can touch and feel where the mouth is.

Baby Shower Games With Baby Pacifiers

pin the pacifier baby shower games

If you don’t want to make it on your own you can also get the complete kit of Pin The Pacifier Baby Shower Game. Click on the link below and order your kit. The kit includes 12 pacifiers, an eye mask and a baby face picture. IT is a great way to add fun to your baby shower and is is highly recommended by the party experts and event managers. You can get it from the link below at an affordable price.


If you are planning your baby shower you might surely be looking for some good baby shower games and baby shower ideas and decorating items. There are various designer balloons available over the web especially for the baby showers. Check out the big sized Welcome baby supershape balloons and the baby cart balloons below. These balloons will best decorate the party hall of your baby shower.



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