Street Wear Pink Pout Color Rich Smoothies Lip Balm Review


Got the new Street Wear Pink Pout Color Rich Smoothies Lip Balm for review today and if I describe it in one line I would say that it tingles, it smoothens, it shines, and it shimmers—but one best thing is that it hydrates my lips. First things first, Street Wear lip balms are available in four lovely shades – Plum Pluck, Mocha Muahha, Pink Pout and Coral Kiss. It comes in a carton packing with all its details at the backside. You can see the formulation, Mfg date, weight etc here.

Street Wear Pink Pout Color Rich Smoothies Lip Balm Review

Product Description
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As the packing says this lip balm is formulated with Vitamin E and Shea Butter. The Company claims that it has SPF 10 which helps protecting your lips from sun damage. It has a mild mint flavour which gives a fresh feel and scent. The balm weighs 4.2g and the stick is pretty long.  streetwear smoothies lipbalm pink pout review 4

As the word ‘smoothies’ suggests this lip balm glides on my lips with a smooth velvety and buttery texture. It’s smooth and zingy pink make my lips flattering for any season and the best thing is that it would suit any skin tone. streetwear smoothies lipbalm pink pout review 5

Colors Stay Street Wear Pink Pout Color Rich Smoothies Lip Balm-

This is a tinted lip balm and colors your lips to light pink shade. The first swatch, however, leaves no color but second coat makes your lips look light soft pink. streetwear smoothies lipbalm pink pout review 3

This is how it looks on my hand but I liked the soft light pink shade on lips. Not so opaque in single swipe but 3-4 swipes will do good even to the pigmented lips. streetwear smoothies lipbalm pink pout

I applied three-four coats of the lip balm on my lips to get the darker color and this is how it looked. It leaves a light wash of soft pink color on your lips which is perfect for your regular office days or shopping spree.

Texture of Street Wear Lip Balm

Unlike the most lip balms, this is not a sticky or wacky one. It comes with a smooth creamy and buttery texture which leave your lips look soft and smooth. The mint flavor gives a light tingling while applying it and a refreshing feel for next 2-3 hours. This lip balm is perfect for summers. Check the lip balm shade varies in the room and in sunlight.


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Stays For Three Hours

Staying power was pretty good for me, it stays for around 3 hours on my lips. I apply 3-4 coats and its keeps my lips moist for around 3 hours or so. However, it can’t withstand a meal. Having tea or coffee won’t make much difference but you have to re-apply it after having a meal. After three hours I felt like applying another coat.

Not so opaque in single swipe.. 3-4 swipes for pigmented lips are good to go.., not at all cakey even after multiple swipes . Its really very moisturising


The MRP is Rs 150 but the company is giving it for Rs 135 as their introductory offer. Street Wear is available across the country through leading retail outlets and renowned online partners.

Gains and Losses

  • It moisturizes the lips well.
  • Leaves a soft and light pink shade on your lips.
  • Perfect for regular day outings.
  • Mint flavor gives a refreshing feel.
  • It won’t serve as a lipstick.
  • Asks for another coat after 2-3 hrs.
  • Regular usage may make you a lip balm addict.

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