Stop using Nestle Nan Pro Milk Powder, Plastic and live larvae found in baby milk powder sample


Do you give Nan Pro to your babies? Stop! Your baby food might have some plastic or live insects/larvae in it. 

After lead in Maggi noodles, live larvae in milk powder, Nestle now want to feed some plastic balls to our babies. Yes a lady in Gurgaon, India recently found a small black thing in her packet of Nan Pro 1.  Luckily the lady found it before feeding her baby.nan pro 1

Stop using Nestle Nan Pro Milk Powder


The lady posted a picture with her status update on Facebook which clearly shows the plastic ball she found. Her status says, ”

Opened NAN PRO 1 for my babies and this black thingy is wat came out of it!

#‎Nestle‬ rot in hell. Someone pls show this to Arnab Goswami…

Now what do i do with the remaining 10 packs? Do i feed them this or not?nan pro 3

Nan Pro 1 is a baby milk powder from Nestle. Nestle Nan Pro 1 is a spray dried infant formula which is considered to be the best milk powder for babies when they are not breastfeed.

The company claims it to be an instant milk formula with probiotics but adds plastic balls and live insects inside it. This proves that Nestle milk powder is unsafe for consumption as it contained live insects and plastic balls.

A recent report posted by Financial Express states that some packets of Nestle milk powder contained live larvae in it. The Drug Administration Department recently tested Nan Pro 3 milk powder brought by a cab driver and reports states that analysts found live larvae in it.

The so called “world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company” is not safe any more. Beware before you use any of the Nestle products. It is no more a single product issue, Nestle has lost the consumers’ trust in India.

Please share this till it reaches the Nestle officials. Let’s say what Nestle has to say about it now. #ShameonNestle


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